Production equipment Testing Equipment

The company covers an area of 160,000 square meters, with a construction area of 45,000 square meters. The main workshop covers an area of 35,000 square meters, and the single-span workshop has a lifting capacity of 200 tons. It has 382 sets (sets) of production and testing equipment, and has an annual production capacity of 250 sets (sets) of high-voltage electrostatic oil-water separation equipment and supporting equipment, and 8,000 tons of pressure vessels.


(1) There is a special site for storing equipment materials. The site is a special warehouse. It is rain-proof and moisture-proof to ensure that the materials are not rusted, damaged, or mixed. Obvious sign.

(2) The primary warehouse of welding materials has measures to ensure temperature and humidity, and the secondary warehouse of welding materials is equipped with complete drying and heat preservation facilities for welding materials.

(3) It has a radiographic room area of 24*8=192 square meters that meets the safety protection requirements and equipment production needs, and the dark room has facilities to ensure the quality of film development.

(4) It has a physical and chemical performance laboratory and corresponding test equipment that meet the needs of the manufactured equipment, and has equipment and tools for processing and testing samples; the chemical laboratory has instruments and equipment suitable for analyzing the contract product materials manufactured by the manufacturer.

(5) It has pressure test and air tightness test site, equipment, detection means and safety protection measures.

(6) With rolling equipment of 120mm and 40mm

(7) It has a riveting and welding workshop with an area of 35,000 square meters and a single-span workshop with a lifting capacity of 200 tons.

(8) It has a welding laboratory and is equipped with welding equipment that can meet the requirements of welding procedure qualification.

(9) It has complete welding equipment, including 5 automatic submerged arc welding machines and 35 manual arc welding machines, and shall be equipped with corresponding welding auxiliary equipment.

(10) It has a 7,200-square-meter production site dedicated to the production of stainless steel, the necessary protection facilities, and the tooling and equipment to meet the needs. Intergranular corrosion test conditions, pickling passivation facilities, plasma cutting and other equipment.

(11) Have radiographic flaw detectors, ultrasonic flaw detectors, magnetic particle, penetration, TOFD and other nondestructive testing methods that are compatible with manufacturing capabilities. There are 8 radiographic flaw detectors and 3 ultrasonic flaw detectors.

(12) There are special equipment and venues for surface treatment and painting.

(13) Machining Center