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Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Ship Case Interface Safety Device Passed Acceptance Successfully

Release time:2021-02-02   Views:198

Recently, the three sets of terminal ship-shore interface safety devices supplied by our company for Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical passed the acceptance.

The device in this project meets the USGC standard, and the collected balance gas is gasoline gas, diesel gas, and diesel gas, respectively. The designed processing scale of the complete set of equipment is 280Nm3/h.

In 2015, the Ministry of Transport issued the Action Plan for Oil and Gas Recovery at Crude Oil Product Terminals, and my country's terminal oil and gas recovery has entered a stage of rapid development. Dock oil and gas recovery is a systematic project, and a complete oil and gas recovery device at the dock should at least include oil and gas recovery gas phase arm (hose), ship-shore docking safety module (DSS), oil and gas pipeline system, oil and gas recovery unit (VRU) and Control System (DCS). When the ship docks, connect the external interface of the oil and gas recovery on the tanker to the gas phase arm (hose) of the terminal, and then enter the terminal gas collecting pipe through the ship-shore docking safety module (DSS), and finally transport the oil and gas to the oil and gas recovery unit (VRU). ) for recycling.

In the terminal oil and gas recovery system, the ship-to-shore connection system (interface/handover system) is the key system to connect the ship with the oil and gas recovery and processing device, and to ensure the safety of the ship and the terminal facilities. The ship-shore interface system for oil and gas recovery at the terminal refers to the connection between the ship and the shore station that collects oil and gas or VOCs from the cargo tank to the oil and gas recovery device at the terminal when the tanker is loaded or unloaded. Arm (hose) and ship-shore interface safety devices.