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Golden Gate successfully shipped 10 million tons/year complete set of electric desalination equipment

Release time:2020-08-28   Views:310

On August 27, Liaoning Baolai Group Panjin North Asphalt Fuel Co., Ltd., undertaken by Jiangsu Golden Gate Energy & Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully shipped a complete set of 10 million tons/year electric desalination equipment, with a transportation length of 41 meters, a transportation width of 5.1 meters, and a single weight of 160 tons.

This project adopts the dual-oil dual-electric field electric desalination technology independently developed by our company. Our company has 3 invention patents and 1 invention patent at home and abroad for this technology. In July 2015, the new consulting center conducted a novelty search on the high-efficiency desalination and dehydration technology of double-feeding and dual-electric field crude oil (novelty search report number: 201532B2505674). Inside first. This technology overcomes the defects of AC, AC and DC, and high-speed electrical desalination technology, with small size, low investment, small footprint and good treatment effect. It is not only suitable for processing light crude oil, but also more suitable for processing heavy crude oil, especially suitable for large-scale equipment for processing heavy oil. Even if the heavy crude oil with a density of 0.9861g/cm3 is processed, it is guaranteed that the water content of the crude oil after removal is less than 0.2% and the salt content is less than 3mg/L.

In recent years, this technology has been used in the MPE-3 project of Venezuelan Petroleum Corporation, Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Company, PetroChina Dagang Petrochemical Company, China National Chemical Group Shandong Changyi Petrochemical Company, China National Chemical Group Zhenghe Petrochemical Company, Shandong Kenli Petrochemical Co., Ltd. , Shandong Qiwangda Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Hengyuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and many other users have been successfully used. This time, the 10 million tons/year electric desalination complete equipment of Panjin North Asphalt Fuel Co., Ltd. of Liaoning Baolai Group was successfully shipped, marking that Jiangsu Golden Gate Energy & Equipment Co., Ltd. has taken another solid step in the field of refining and chemical electric desalination projects.