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Announcement--Completion and acceptance of the company's environmental protection equipment production project

Release time:2019-03-18   Views:236

In accordance with the Regulations on Environmental Protection Management of Construction Projects (Order No. 682 of the State Council) and the Interim Measures for Environmental Protection Acceptance of Construction Projects Completion (Guohuanguihuaiping [2017] No. 4), the environmental protection of Jiangsu Golden Gate Energy & Equipment Co., Ltd. is now completed. The acceptance status will be announced.

Project name: Environmental protection equipment production project (the first phase produces 15 sets of complete sets of electric dehydration equipment, 50 sets of electrode boilers, and 15 sets of VOC treatment equipment)

Construction unit: Jiangsu Golden Gate Energy & Equipment Co., Ltd.

Construction site: No. 18, Airport New District, Jurong City

Announcement time: February 18, 2019 - March 18, 2019 (20 working days)

During the publicity period, if you have any objection to the above publicity content, please give feedback in writing. The individual must sign the real name, and the unit must affix the official seal.

Contact: Mr. Tian

Contact: 18082108868

Environmental Protection Equipment Production Project Completion Acceptance Report Form